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[Group Buy-16] [O] Nokia 1202 LCD BoosterPack

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Sure. Sorry I didn't read the quantity in the 1st post.




I'm in too

spirilis---------------1-----------------USA (PCB+LCD)
dubnet-----------------1-----------------USA (PCB+LCD)
mbeals-----------------1-----------------USA (PCB+LCD)
pyrosster--------------1-----------------SPAIN (PCB+LCD)
brey-------------------1-----------------USA  (PCB)

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When/how do we need to pay for this?



bluehash please let me know when you need the payment!. Thx!

Sorry guys. Could you use the first post for payment details and go to the below link to order. Remember, you need to add up dollar amount and add the custom units to the cart. Going through the shop helps me immensly in printing lables and sending out tracking numbers.




Feel free to add other stuff you like. If you run into any problems, please let me know.

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I have tried to buy 10 units MISC-CUSTOM which would be the PCB+LCD+INTL. SHIPPING right? But the checkout process add a extra $7.50. bluehash please could you check this?

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