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[Group Buy-16] [O] Nokia 1202 LCD BoosterPack

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Build thread.


This is outcome of the Powerscope project. The Powerscope, maintained by mechg, uses a slightly expensive PCB. It's gorgeous, don't mean to downplay it. But in the search for a lower cost one, Sleepwalker3 mentioned about the Nokia 1202 LCD display that were being used in the dangerous prototypes forum thread. As a first pass, I created this boosterpack. It really does not need any components on it, just the LCD. The BoosterPack was designed so that it can be used with other microcontrollers too via a breakout header.


The PCB unfortunately has no component markings, but all you need is the LCD connector orientation. I'll be putting us a wiki page shortly.


Total available : 13 PCBs

Total LCDs available : 4 LCDs.


PCB price - $2.0

LCD price - $3.0


US shipping - $2.0

International shipping - $5.0

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I'm in too

spirilis---------------1-----------------USA (PCB+LCD)
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mbeals-----------------1-----------------USA (PCB+LCD)
pyrosster--------------1-----------------SPAIN (PCB+LCD)

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