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[Group Buy-14] [C] LiPo Battery Pack + USB Charger BoosterPack

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This is a quick small group buy for the LiPo BatteryPack and USB charger. Original information thread is here


I have only THREE assembled boosterpacks left. Each one here is less than cost, not including assembly time. It does include the battery, so you get a deal.  The following people asked me for one in the build thread in the below order.


Cost is $10. Shipping within US is $2.00. International is $5. USPS had stopped allowing LiPo batteries a while back. However, they now do, but it needs to be installed in the device. I'll be 3M'ing the battery, but not connecting it.


If Cube wants to give up one of his, then the next person gets it.. Unfortunately, Floridadrummer, Doc and dubnet will have to forego this.


Above members, please let me know if you are still interested.. at least the first three. Do not Paypal me yet. I'll make you guys order from the shop this time, makes it simple for me to process an order.


Edit: Calling @@cubeberg @@PTB @@floridadrummer

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