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.05" header part number

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I'm throwing together a small converter to let me hook up a tag-connect cable to the 6 pin J4 header on the launchpad.... the problem I'm hitting is finding male and female .05" right angle headers.  Digikey appears to have them, but the listings are vague...no picture or data sheet to confirm what it is...so I'm hoping someone who has ordered them in the past might still have some part numbers I can reference.

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how many pin headers are you loking at,  I buy long ones then clip them apart to make the lengths I want...


the listings look pretty good to me...


50 point $4.32 (8.6 cents per point)

12 point $1.27 (10.6 cents per point)

6 point  $0.74 (12.3 cents per point)


Search listing (through hole right angle, 1 row, 50 mil spacing, in stock) sorted by point count 

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