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Boston Marathon

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Hope everyone in the Boston is fine.. if you were there at the Finish line.


I have a short story to tell. I was at work, 20 mins from downtown Boston. When we heard the news, we went around asking if anyone knew anyone running. One of my co-workers father was running the marathon. All phone lines/cell lines were down...but texts were going through with a 30 sec delay. This is a good tip during a chaotic scene like this. texting is much better and you don't choke the lines... save the bandwidth for emergencies.


We could not get in touch with my colleagues father, so we decided to drive down. Alot of cop cars/ambulances and most exits into the city were blocked by cruisers. Luckily the exit to the hotel where his father was staying was open.. he was all good. he missed the finish line by 3 minutes.


Alot of real-time updates in http://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/1ceyx1/boston_marathon_explosions_two_dead_64_injured_as/

Very good EMS response. People were told to get away from streets. They found five more undetonated devices. Total count was two dead(one kid) and alot of injured people.


I can help if you know anyone that needs help. I'm 20 minutes away.

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This is a shocking news.. hope everyone is fine. News here said the telcos like Sprint and Verizon did not turn off the network but only experiencing flooding of calls.


Stay safe Bluehash.

Thanks.. They are having a search in the next city(Watertown) down. All are supposed to stay home today as they search for one of them.

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