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Ultrasonic sensor backpack

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I'd say go for it as a one off design. If there is a breakout out there,people will use it if if means easing design time and being neat.

The keywork is "flipchip". You can get LEDs in this form, but it's also used in those resin blob el-cheapo calculators 'n stuff.

Fixed a couple of issues with unconnected pins - sent this of to OSH this morning.  Excited to give the QFN a try - but I managed to get a couple of BGA TMP006's reflowed - this shouldn't be too bad.

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Don't feel bad...at least it's just the LEDs.  I just did the same thing, except I didn't have USB ground connected to the rest of the board.  Serial port came up and nothing else.

Thanks :)  I've been extremely fortunate so far - several boards made - most of them have been fine.  I tend to put them through OSHPark quickly since my two boards with issues have been through them.

Fortunately - the GND for the LEDs is really close to the GND pin - easy fix.  Routing a pin that I forgot off of the QFN would be much harder!

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Quick update - boards arrived on Friday!  Here's a nice shot of the OSHPark boards.  I was able to get 2/3 working this weekend.  One of the QFN chips doesn't seem to be soldered correctly - I'll have to reheat it and see if I can fix it. 

I'm working on an updated board - definitely going TSSOP - much larger, but you can't see problems with a QFN.  Still - 2/3 isn't bad.

I'll post a video of the board later this week.


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K - if anyone else is interested in a test device - let me know.  I'll be doing another revision with a TSSOP chip later, so there will be more hardware iterations.  Code will be compatible with the LP as well.  I'm using P3 for LEDs right now, but that won't be a big deal for some implementations.

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