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Ultrasonic sensor backpack

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I'd say go for it as a one off design. If there is a breakout out there,people will use it if if means easing design time and being neat.

The keywork is "flipchip". You can get LEDs in this form, but it's also used in those resin blob el-cheapo calculators 'n stuff.

Fixed a couple of issues with unconnected pins - sent this of to OSH this morning.  Excited to give the QFN a try - but I managed to get a couple of BGA TMP006's reflowed - this shouldn't be too bad.

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Yes - there's a pour on top - it was supposed to be a capacitive touch board - although I apparently left out the connections for the LEDs :)  Guess I forgot to route before I sent them to OSH.  Drills were 35mil.  I wonder if a 1.4mm slot would work - that's the width of the top of most 0805 chip LEDs.  Not sure if a 1.4mm slot is outside of their specs though.  


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Here's another  version - broke out P3 for 8 possible reverse-mount LEDs.  The broken-out port could be used for something else as well - if desired.


I've got a test board for a slot that I'm also going to test out with OSHPark.  


Think I might make an add-on board for the 5v boost that you suggested.  Are there any others in a smaller package than the soic-8?


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It looks really nice.  This could wind up being a pretty cool little board.


I was going to ask you if you hand soldered the QFN's, but it sounds like you reflow them?  Do you use an oven or hot air?

Thanks - I hope so :)  I've got some cool ideas for the code.  

I've actually been using a ceramic stove top.  Let the board sit for a bit to warm it up and then slowly crank the heat until stuff reflows - not all that different than using a .  This will be my first time with solder paste though - picked some up at dx.com.  One of these days I'll get an aluminum block (or a cheap pan) so that heating is a bit more consistent.  I'm hoping to use the TMP006 sensor this time to get an idea of how warm the board is.  

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