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Hi from New Zillund

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Another new joiner here saying "Hi".


I'm in NZ and am patiently awaiting the arrival of my first LaunchPads. Also a Chronos, because I couldn't resist, you know? :oops: Also snagged an $11 Piccolo to play around with with my laptop while I commute.


Actually, I'm starting to get worried about my Launchpad, because they shipped weeks ago by DHL but haven't arrived, whereas the Chronos shipped a couple of days ago by Fedex and is making fine progress (currently in Honolulu). Worse, the DHL tracking number I got from TI doesn't work.


What the heck though, in the meantime I'm preparing my Mac for MSP430 development, which is... progressing.


I've been using an Arduino and fooling around with robots, and I figure the more strings to my bow, the more fun.

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I also ordered a PiccoloCONTROLSTICK... only took two days to get that!


Yeah, my Piccolo only took a couple of days to get here. No answer from TI yet on where my LaunchPads are, or what the correct tracking number is. Never mind though - at least I'll have some kind of MSP430 to play with once my Chronos arrives, and happily I got the toolchain compiled and working on my Mac last night.

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so mac aren't unbreakable ! :P

They are breakable just like any other computer if you start poking around and sudo-ing in the Terminal. rm -rf * in the wrong place :)


And yes butterfingers, TM is a life saver. Also, can you share your experiences installing toolchain on the Mac?

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My Mac's back. I just put in the OS disk, restarted, told the Mac to restore from Time Machine and then went to bed. Woke up to a happy Mac. I shall not be messing around with that null kernel extension again! :oops:


I suppose this means I'll be using Parallels or Boot Camp to use the Windows tools instead, or using my work laptop. Slightly tiresome, but pragmatic.

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