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A bunch of new BoosterPacks by TI Employees

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I'm giving my vote to the Stepper.  I think it is the most useful to Launchpad users.  The 8x servo board is nice too, but PWM servos are really easy, and nobody needs eight -- that's just in the name of Zeus.  Most of the other stuff is too boring or too specialist.  For example, if I see another BLE body-area-network project, I'm going to vomit.  Or, the quad-copter... it's a great piece of work, but unless I want specifically a quad copter, it doesn't help me very much.  A stepper board is something that so many projects could use.

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Indeed some pretty cool stuff there. The quad copter is kind of cool. Seems C2000 got themself a new toy for the TI booth ;-)

However it looks more the Launchpad is the boosterpack to the rest and they overshot the max BOM cost quite a bit.

Anyways I voted for the solar harvester as it's the most MSP430 specific one running of ultra low power.

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