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connecting the launchpad with EZ430-RF2500T

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it is one of the possible ways of connecting the msp430 with the rf2500t target board i suppose..this i got from the pdf file of the rf2500 kit...


Yes, but only for the purpose of programming the rf2500 target board.

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I have made the connection as i said in the previous post!!! As ZEKE mentioned it is used to program the RF2500T....SO, for programming the RF2500T connected to emulator EZ430U pin of the launchpad, so i need to alter the JUMPER SETTINGS (J3)..??

or should i just direct the ports of the RF2500T target board to transmit the data??

pls help..

am really confused!!!


P.N: I have got RF2500 usb dongle too...as well as target board rf2500t....

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The only task that the Launchpad board can do for you is program that RF2500T board. Nothing else.


It will not do what you want it to do.


It is possible to construct a wireless serial link but it is an advanced project and requires a high skill level to design and to construct it.


I would recommend that you take some baby steps with the TI dev tools that you already have. Try to make some demo programs work like the temperature sensor program that comes with the RF2500 kit. That will display the temperature of the RF2500T on your windows pc.


Baby steps!


Take courage. We all had to learn how to walk before we run!

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Thanks mate...


Sure i will learn to walk...


so here is my transmitter program... i have set the txd pins to transmit some bytes of data...how can ensure that the data is trasnmitted...pls help'


#include "msp430g2231.h"

#define TXD BIT1 // TXD on P1.1

#define Bitime 104 //9600 Baud, SMCLK=1MHz (1MHz/9600)=104


unsigned char BitCnt; // Bit count, used when transmitting byte

unsigned int TXByte; // Value sent over UART when Transmit() is called


// Function Definitions

void Transmit(void);


void main(void)




unsigned int uartUpdateTimer = 10; // Loops until byte is sent

unsigned int i = 0; // Transmit value counter


BCSCTL1 = CALBC1_1MHZ; // Set range



P1SEL |= TXD; //

P1DIR |= TXD; //


__bis_SR_register(GIE); // interrupts enabled\


/* Main Application Loop */



if ((--uartUpdateTimer == 0))


TXByte = i;




uartUpdateTimer = 10;





// Function Transmits Character from TXByte

void Transmit()


CCTL0 = OUT; // TXD Idle as Mark

TACTL = TASSEL_2 + MC_2; // SMCLK, continuous mode


BitCnt = 0xA; // Load Bit counter, 8 bits + ST/SP



CCR0 += Bitime; // Set time till first bit

TXByte |= 0x100; // Add stop bit to TXByte (which is logical 1)

TXByte = TXByte << 1; // Add start bit (which is logical 0)


CCTL0 = CCIS0 + OUTMOD0 + CCIE; // Set signal, intial value, enable interrupts

while ( CCTL0 & CCIE ); // Wait for TX completion

TACTL = TASSEL_2; // SMCLK, timer off (for power consumption)


// Timer A0 interrupt service routine

#pragma vector=TIMERA0_VECTOR

__interrupt void Timer_A (void)


CCR0 += Bitime; // Add Offset to CCR0

if ( BitCnt == 0) // If all bits TXed, disable interrupt

CCTL0 &= ~ CCIE ;



CCTL0 |= OUTMOD2; // TX Space

if (TXByte & 0x01)

CCTL0 &= ~ OUTMOD2; // TX Mark

TXByte = TXByte >> 1;

BitCnt --;



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Just to add a little info to this thread. I remembered reading through it and thought it might help. TI does mention using that 6 pin header for programming and adding wireless features to the Launchpad.

The new EKG-Based Heart-Rate Monitor Implementation on the LaunchPad Using MSP430G2452 (Rev. A) will have wireless UART features by adding a ez430-rf2500t.

I'm assuming this will be for an upcoming boosterpack. The full 2452 code is available with the wireless-uart software for the rf2500t too.


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Actually, I have been attempting to pursue the same goal. I have the 6 pin connector on my Launch Pad. The TI documentation shows that the Launch pad can indeed host a target board such as the EZ430 RF2500T for wireless capability on the developer board. I just began this tonight, but the EKG booster pack for the Launch Pad provides documentation on how to connect the EZ430 target board to the Launch Pad. What I did so far was take the Launch Pad's tempature sensor program and load the EZ430's one as an AP (Access Point) and the other as a ED (End Device) using the IAR source code that TI provides for the EZ430 UART. This required no code modification as yet just to show that the configuration should work. The tempature was being transmitted through the wireless link to my PC and viewed with HyperTerminal. This is just the starting experiments and I now need some custom code to transmit the data packets that I actually need. Take heart. The configuration is valid and has potential. Good Luck. I will post more as I learn more. THANKS!

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