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Greetings from Rock ... A new brand new Energia users on MSP-EXP430G2 (Centos 6)

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A friend, knowing that I'm interested in microcontrollers, gave me an Energia tarball along with the TI Launchpad MSP-EXP430G2 to play with on my Centos 6 laptop.


At the moment, I'm executing the sample programs but the serial port is grayed out and therefore not installing correctly - so - looking for help - I first looked for an nntp USENET newsgroup - but, not having found one, I found this nice forum site instead. This seems to be the place to ask questions (this post is NOT a question!). :smile:


So, in summary, looking for help is why I created this account - but that's not the purpose of this thread - which is simply to introduce myself.



I'm brand new to both Linux and to the TI Launchpad - but I'm sure happy to try Energia out on Centos 6 with the MSP-EXP430G2.

I'm usually a good forum citizen, posting detailed threads, with good titles and taking care to punctuate and spell properly (Am. English) - and most importantly - I generally take the time to include a picture and to update my results - and - when I get good enough - to edify others by writing DIYs and HOWTOs so that they don't have the same problems that I've had.


I'm all for "paying it forward" and for "standing on others' shoulders" to improve the steps so that the NEXT person has an easier time doing the same task.

That makes me worth spending effort on (i.e., investing in me), and, to pay you back, I will invest in the next user (when and if I can, of course).


But, that's for later - as I don't know ANYTHING about Energia and the Launchpad just yet - since both were just handed gratis to me today.

I do realize that, being on Centos, I'm probably in the minority, so, over time, I hope we can help other Centos users have the same experience with Energia on the MSP-EXP430G2 as Ubuntu users would.


Here's a picture of my current setup:



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Welcome to 43oh!

Thanks. I'm reading the pinned threads as we speak!


And, my first question has now been solved (for the most part):

 - Energia serial port grayed out on Centos 6 for msp430g2553


Now we need to figure out how to update the installation instructions so all other Linux users who follow in my footsteps don't have the same 5-hour debugging procedure to chase down something that a single sentence in the instructions would have prevented!



In summary:
   a) The Linux (Centos?) instructions should make it clear WHY one needs
      to be in the "tty" group (as /dev/ttyACM0 is in "dialout")
    The Linux (Centos?) instructions should make it clear how to handle
      rxts; specifically, WHERE should the 64-bit rxtx be obtained from
      (i.e., either the Centos EPEL repository or elsewhere)
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