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Structured Assembler for the Gnu Assembler

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Remember this: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/219-adding-structured-control-flow-to-any-assembler/ ?

It was a set of macros that would add _if, _else, _do, _until and similar constructs to an assembly program.

It turned out that this didn't work when using the Gnu Assembler :-(


But I think I've managed to implement similar macros that DO work for the gnu assembler.

They're here:  https://github.com/WestfW/structured_gas


I've tried to do this in a way that will make it easily portable to any of the cpus supported by gas, and

provided implementations for Atmel AVR (tested!) and TI MSP430 (not so much tested.)


Comments welcome.


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Old school!


One cool trick I've learned that only works in GCC (not CL430) is the &&LABEL operation.  So, in C you can do something like (void*)variable = &&label_in_your_code;


Take this and add some stack manipulations and it is, in fact, how I kill tasks in the gcc-build of OpenTag.  :)

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