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Contest : Show off your Avatars

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Hi 43oh'ers,

Winner announcement.




So it seems that no one is really interested in the Stellaris DP ATX giveaway. So, lets have some fun here. All you guys need to do is submit your avatar here. The most hilarious/ ingenious one wins.


Two rules:

1. You need to comment on this post below. A simple "I'm in" works.

2. You can change your profile avatar before submitting your post.

2. You need to upload your avatar to your post, as people will be commenting on it. Contest ends coming Sunday April 7th.


I need to give this away.

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as a test to see if I can get my animated avatar back (it didn't used to work on this board but it looks like it might now :-(

whats weird is it shows the animation in the edit profile page... but not here, ill have to play with it more, is there a wat to disable the "crop" feature cause that seems to be eating the animation


this is what it is supposed to be doing.




it is an "Om-Nom" from "Cut the Rope" i added the spiral cause it thought it looked nice


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I'm in; made this for the pcb logo thread, decided to make it my avatar, then saw this--perfect!

It's a raccoon, because engineers like cute fuzzy things.


Sadly I can't post photos yet, but..


Yes.. you can. Post a screenshot.

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