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I2C - SRF10 and Stellaris/MSP430

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I have had some problems in using srf10 and energia, because with msp430 and the stellaris, can only measure values ??below 110 cm, and values ??between 60 cm and 110 cm, are unstable.
here is my code for the stellaris. for msp430 is the same by removing only the functions setmodule of stellaris.


#include <Wire.h>
TwoWire Wire1;
void setup()
byte highByte = 0x00;                             // Stores high byte from ranging
byte lowByte = 0x00;  
int reading = 0;
  int range = 0; 
void loop()
  Wire.beginTransmission(120);             // Start communticating with SRF08
  Wire.write(0x00);                             // Send Command Byte
  Wire.write(0x51);                                // Send 0x51 to start a ranging
  delay(100);                                     // Wait for ranging to be complete
  Wire.beginTransmission(120);             // start communicating with SRFmodule
  Wire.write(0x02);                           // Call the register for start of ranging data
  Wire.requestFrom(120, 2);                // Request 2 bytes from SRF module
  while(Wire.available() < 2);                    // Wait for data to arrive
  highByte = Wire.read();                      // Get high byte
  lowByte = Wire.read();                       // Get low byte

  range = (highByte << 8) + lowByte;              // Put them together


also made ??some changes in the wire library of stellaris, to this work. was only a change of frequency, they are this:

line 242



 ROM_I2CMasterInitExpClk(MASTER_BASE, ROM_SysCtlClockGet(), false);//max bus speed=400kHz for gyroscope




 ROM_I2CMasterInitExpClk(MASTER_BASE, ROM_SysCtlClockGet()/1.4, false);//max bus speed=400kHz for gyroscope

where is the error?

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