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Uploading program with FET430

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Fan the FET firmware update from CCStudio 5.  That went without any errors or warnings.  FET seems to work okay with CCStudio.  But I'm getting the same message in Energia.


Tried to do the update through commandline.  the result looks something like this:

> mspdebug uif --allow-fw-update
usbutil: unable to find a device matching 0451:f430

enev more strange

> mspdebug --usb-list
Devices on bus 000:

What am I doing wrong?

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mspdebug does not support the MSP-FET430UIF with its V3 firmware using its builtin "uif" driver.  If it's a brand new programmer or you've upgraded it with CCS, it's probably running the latest V3 firmware.  You need to use the "tilib" driver with mspdebug (and make sure mspdebug can find MSP430.DLL)...


There is an option to downgrade it to the latest V2 firmware, which "mspdebug uif" should support.  If you have CCS installed it should be under Programs->Texas Instruments->MSP-FET430UIF Debug Interface->MSP-FET430UIF v3 to v2 Downgrader ... I have not personally tried this with my FET430UIF yet, but was thinking about doing it soon.

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Hi guys, 


I also have the same difficulties using the MSP430G2553 surface mount package. I am using the MSP FET430UIF, but I have no luck in interfacing it with the Energia IDE. There seem to be something wrong with the firmware as I keep getting the "FET firmware upgrade is required" error. I have tried upgrading the FET to version 3 using the CCS and IAR, but even those versions do not work on Energia. I have also tried downgrading the FET to version 2, and then retry it using the Energia IDE. 


I believe Energia does not support the MSP-FET430UIF platform. Please let me know if you have any alternative methods which I can try.




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