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MSP430G2955 to valueline DIP20 adapter

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6 mil traces allow for up to 500 mA at most so the small currents the processor works with (remember all the traces on the board are directly to / from the pins) shouldn't be a problem.


autorouter can connect everything in 10 mil traces, but it would take a while to re track everything to make it look good

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ok boards came in today,have one finished and done,I can make other up for people if they want them, or alot for the store, whatever is needed.


The connection between AVCC/DVCC and AVSS/DVSS was backwards in the file sent to elecrow, and they got started on it super quick, so I couldn't update that, so those pads got erased from the board thanks to a dremel and a diamond wheel...  hehe


I have 26 boards left (originally had 30, built 1, and 3 died in QC after cuting apart cause I cut into and exposed the ground plane too much


my solution for cutting boards apart (that this was the first time i got to test it) was a 4" "Mighty Mite" table saw from harbor freight, for $30, and a 4" diameter 9mil thick lapidary saw from ebay for $10 for 2 blades.


the diamonds are built into those slanted slots and run through the whole blade rather than just on the surface, so they don't get worn off and make the blade go dull like normal "diamond saws"  this one should stay cutting for along while cause its designed to cut hard gemstones, the glass in the FR4 shouldn't pose a problem long term.


I am not happy with my cutting wall, it is very hard to adjust and get into line with the blade, and the table itself is kinda wobbly cause its only bolted on at one point on the side, and if you press hard on the table, it's mount flexes enough to mess with the cut... so I will probably continue to modify it until I am happy, but good first go.


of me cutting some of the boards apart with my little saw.









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Pretty neat. I'm trying to source one of these little table saws, but having it shipped in canada would double its cost. I'll go on trying to find one locally.

Some quick googling shows Princess Auto might have something similar.

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I was cutting dry on my cuts and it seemes to do fine

I guess wet would probably make the edge a bit cleaner + reduce dust.  I cut a couple dry and didn't have too much trouble.  I only had a board or two to cut and didn't want to make a big mess.  I'd probably try using water if I were cutting a bunch.

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