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MSP430G2955 to valueline DIP20 adapter

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Ii whipped up an adapter to be able to take a G2955 and plug it into a valueline layout DIP20 setup, so it can be a drop in replacement for existing dip20 projects, but take advantage of the larger capability of the G2955.  I extended it out into more of a DIP38 package, but you don't have to put headers on the extended layout and use them only as breakout pins on the board.


I am sending them off to elecrow in blue boards.


I am going to be building mine with flat pins so it can plug into the dip20 sockets, cause those don't like accepting the square "header" pins


[edit] attached the latest files  to the last post[/edit]


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when using square pin headers (standard headers) the 5 pins that are under the tssop will be cut shorter so they don't extend above the top of the board, but they will still be soldered on the bottom, and in the barrel so they'll be solid,


the flat pins will be a dip20 socket (with the flat DIP legs) with a shaved head soldered SMD style to the bottom of the board, so it won't affect the TSSOP

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Right it's not mentioned in the DS but you can see it in the users guide page 44. Connection of unused pins.


I know it should be connected, but nothing explains clearly what the AVCC would power. The Family guide shows the AVCC is only used for the ADC (and Sigma Delta ADC), the Supply Voltage Supervisor, and the OpAmp. The latter two arn't implemented in the valueline at all.

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I added 2 0402 resistors 0 ohm to tie the AVCC and AVSS to their D cousins, so it'll be easy to split apart if needed in the future. They're being sent off now.


this is how it all fits together (mocked up with a correctly sized section of the 0.6mm thick board from Elecrow) on a launchpad itself


it clears the jumpers, easily, and there is still a gap around 0.75mm above the top of the tssop beneath a standard height boosterpack.





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you can use a separated supply for the analog to digital comparators. in msp430fr you can use AVCC to read 5V analog inputs. here i don't realy know... i think it only maters if you use msp430 with like 1.8V and you need to read 3.3V (4v max i belive) analog inputs



pretty nice board. still i want to stick with a tssop38 to 38PDIP to have all the I/O :P

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