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LaunchPad Proto Plate- from Ponoko

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I had a few of these "protoplates" made-- I fell in love with the one from AdaFruit for the BeagleBone and really wanted one for the LaunchPad and had some made.  (I have to thank Bart, if he's on he

ILAMtitan - Thanks. The vectors are just a few squares, so it was just as easy to measure and redo. I was going to attempt to trace and vector cut the rocket but don't think I'd do a great job. I know

Well it took me a while and a bit of experimenting, but here's the final result in clear and black acrylic. I shuffled the Launchpad logo around so it wouldn't be covered by the corner pieces and adde

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@@Fred, that is simply amazing and looks so good!

I absolutely LOVE the idea of the 43oh logo and would jump on it to get one myself!

The corners look really sharp and I like them a lot better than the crazy glue that I am working with. 


(side note I am very envious of you having your own laser cutter!)


@@ILAMtitan... you may need to order more Acrylic glue :-)

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@@ILAMtitan I haven't actually glued the corner pieces down for the photos as I'm still experimenting. I've got some acrylic glue though.


@@LariSan I've not had it long but have found it useful - especially when trying stuff out that doesn't work perfectly first time. A bit like etching/milling your own PCBs - the quick turnaround time makes it less hassle to screw up. They're not exactly cheap but not that expensive either if you start with an 40W eBay one and get it up to spec yourself.


I'll get onto the raster engraving this evening after work. The engraving quality from Ponoko is excellent. I'm not sure if I can get up to that standard or not. I don't think I've got the best quality acrylic either as it's extruded rather than cast. It has a very odd (but quite nice) blue tint that makes it look almost edge lit in daylight.
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I thought I'd add a progress update. I realised that this plate would work fine for the Stellaris too, so added a couple of rectangles for anyone who wants to put the corners there for their Stellaris instead.




I'm having no problems with the vector engraving or cutting, but I'm struggling to get consistent quality for raster engraving (for the 43oh.com logo and the Launchpad rocket). Just when I think I've got it, I try again and get different results. I'll get it nailed, but that's preventing me from completing them at the moment. They don't look quite as back as the out of focus photo make them look. They're just not good enough yet.



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Well it took me a while and a bit of experimenting, but here's the final result in clear and black acrylic. I shuffled the Launchpad logo around so it wouldn't be covered by the corner pieces and added the 43oh.com logo by @@JWoodrell. The quality on the raster engraving is a little inconsistent on the narrower 43oh.com logo but it's the best I can manage at the moment on my cheap laser. Photographing the black one was tricky as it's very glossy. It was like photographing a mirror.


post-317-0-75145500-1365274224_thumb.jpg post-317-0-76049200-1365274250_thumb.jpg


The corner pieces glue on very nicely with superglue so I think it'll be easiest if people stick the corners on themselves. That gives the option of using for the Stellaris (or the Fraunchpad will fit but there's no guide engraved for this). I've not got a C2000 so don't know if that will fit. It also means you can go left or right handed without blocking the USB port.


I'll send them off to @@bluehash on Monday. If anyone in Europe want's one then shout and I can mail it directly from the UK.

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@@Tribes @@DanAndDusty Just drop me a PM with your address and an assurance you'll purchase it from the store once Bluehash has them up there and I'll get them in the post direct to you. Note that I've only got the acrylic not a breadboard. I don't know if they'll be bundled together in the store.

@@cde If there proves to be a demand for these then I can look at doing different colours or any custom / updated designs.

@@cubeberg I'm using 3mm acrylic for the board but 5mm for the corner pieces as 3mm only just reached the MSP430 LaunchPad with the rubber feet on. I have enough scrap pieces lying around to make the corners from.

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