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LaunchPad Proto Plate- from Ponoko

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I couldn't see any in the UK at first but noticed that Rapid stock them so I've now ordered one. (To answer the original question they're: 83.5 x 54.5 x 8.5mm).

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I'm a bit late to this party but...


Here's mine:

Lasered by own stand-offs and cut some holes in the sled for those to fit in. Tossed a couple of graphics on it. My stand-offs fit the holes loosely enough to fall out when they are not holding a board. Snapping in a board puts enough tension on the 'ankles' to hold them in very snuggly by friction. Cyanoacrylate (super glue) or plastic cement will hold the stand-offs permanenty. Board can be pulled out if the stand-offs are not glued to the sled - or they can be snapped out by *carefully* pulling back on the 'peaks' of the stand-offs.


I cut 4 extra stand-offs, just in case I fail to be *carefull*. My laser is 50 watt with a 20" x 12" max material size.


Without glueing the stand-offs, mine is holding just fine while actually working with it.





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