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LaunchPad Proto Plate- from Ponoko

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I had a few of these "protoplates" made-- I fell in love with the one from AdaFruit for the BeagleBone and really wanted one for the LaunchPad and had some made. 

(I have to thank Bart, if he's on here, for really making my first Ponoko trial-run so smooth). 




So here is where you can order the sheet.
It's 14 total plates on the Plastic- Acrylic- Clear- 3mm- P3 sized sheet, which comes out to be about 3.50 for each plate- total about 46.50 (Bart had free shipping since he's a regular user at Ponoko). 



I'm sure there is a more efficient way to arrange these to get more on the same sheet (there was a lot of extra plastic that wasn't used).

This was a trail run for me. 


It comes in a large sheet, where you only need to pull off your plate

I left the backing on the plate--
Added the breadboard:


these breadboards from Mouser (I get them in packs of 10 so it comes out to be about 4.95 a piece)

The hardest part was to figure out how to connect the LaunchPad to the sheet. 
Even though it's nice that the rubber feet were already included... it turned out to be inconvenient. 
The BeagleBone and the Arduinos have screws that allow you to use standoffs. 
In this case after trying:
hot glue, epoxy, these scrapbooking "zots" (super strong adhesive tapes in dot shape) and double stick tape and found out that all of them don't adhere to the rubber well. 
What's worked is Crazy Glue. 
Put it on the LaunchPad, set it down and let it dry... 
then I peeled off the backing. 
I'll get to test these in a workshop soon, but so far I like them, but plan on changing a few things. 
I have about three extra that I wouldn't mind sending to anyone who wanted to see it. 
It's hard to know which direction is up...
I have two sleds and one is right handed and the other is left handed... I guess if I just removed the logo all together I could have it be either right or left handed  :smile:
This is what I think my next one will look like, but I'm completely open for any suggestions!

Hope that's helpful, I've included the files to make the edits in my dropbox (it's in illustrator and the forum doesn't like the format for some reason). https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6tho7jrplryvyhl/PJAJ22XqpQ

Final- LaunchPad Proto-Sled v1.0- Bart.zip

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Fix. But wait, there's more! :)
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I had a few of these "protoplates" made-- I fell in love with the one from AdaFruit for the BeagleBone and really wanted one for the LaunchPad and had some made.  (I have to thank Bart, if he's on he

ILAMtitan - Thanks. The vectors are just a few squares, so it was just as easy to measure and redo. I was going to attempt to trace and vector cut the rocket but don't think I'd do a great job. I know

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>Blue Hash: What happened to your keyboard...what laptop is that?


LOL, it's the non-Work Laptop I do about 95% of my work on.

My macbook. 

The keyboard is a cover that embarrassingly I have to keep on the laptop because I spend too much time with my laptop doing every day things (e.g. eating). and it's easier to remove the cover, rinse it off and then put it back than cleaning out the computer :-)


Thanks for fixing the post. 

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How did you get the LP to stick to the board?  



Now the post is fixed, it should show that :-)

I actually had to try several things, turns out Crazy Glue works the best. 

Second best is the industrial strength foam squares, but you have to rip off the rubber feet. 



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We can do a GB if anyone wants in. For breadboards, I'll have to source it. Anyone have any choices on bread boards?


I have a couple of extra I can send if someone wants to try it.  


Since I haven't tested it yet, I'm not sure what people prefer. 

e.g. do people like being able to pick which side they want to mount the LaunchPad (right or left)


The plus side of it, both sizes fit in the giant box. 

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