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MSP430 use FRAM above 0x10000

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So I have successfully placed named code and data sections in to upper FRAM, which was my goal.    Next I'll test out the program to verify that the MSP430 20-bit address mode is used when accessing these sections.

Thanks much for your suggestions and help, indeed it seems to work well.


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It's good to see people using the new MSP430-GCC toolchain. I'm glad it's being made available within the Energia client.

I'll note that you can use the "upper", "either", "lower" attributes to place code/data in a specific memory region, instead of having to manually specify a section.

So you can do

ADI_REG_TYPE  __attribute__((upper))  Param_Data_IC_1[PARAM_SIZE_IC_1] ...

instead of

ADI_REG_TYPE  __attribute__((section(".upper.rodata")))  Param_Data_IC_1[PARAM_SIZE_IC_1] ...

I'd also like to point out that the MSP430-GCC version used by "package_msp430_elf_GCC_index.json",, is nearly a year old and there have been significant improvements to code generation and some new features in the latest release. However, I do understand that Energia might want to to focus on maturity rather than using the very latest release.

I think a specific feature that is somewhat relevant to the discussion in this thread is new "location" attribute which lets you place code/data at a specific memory address.

The MSP430-GCC user guide on the TI website has some documentation on other features you may not be aware of: https://www.ti.com/tool/download/MSP430-GCC-OPENSOURCE



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Hi Josef,

thanks for highlighting the availability of the newer GCC version. Unfortunately i made a link to the GCC page at TI but this page did not point to the latest compiler (9.x.x) anymore but still to the 8.x.x version.

I have just uploaded a new Energia elf GCC compiler version with the compiler (Energia package 2.0.9).


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Hi Stefan,

Yeah TI changed some of the URLs around, so the following link still points to an old 8.x.x release even though it used to be used to download the latest: http://software-dl.ti.com/msp430/msp430_public_sw/mcu/msp430/MSPGCC/latest/index_FDS.html

But this link will always have the latest release https://www.ti.com/tool/download/MSP430-GCC-OPENSOURCE



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