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new msp430g2955 with energia

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Could you tell me how should i change memory.x and periph.x? I had to change periph.x with Code Composer Studio.

I tried to edit memory.x but it gave me a syntax error. Don't even know if it was the rong program or my error.




I think this should be clear for anyone interested in this uControler: it isn't  available in a PDIP40 package. Msp430g2744 is available in that package but just in samples. Not realy practical in my opinion. Msp430g2955 also is a bit better. 4x more SRAM, 24kB more flash and 1 extra timer (3 total).

Msp430g2955 is available in tssop38 and VQFN40. I prefer DIP packages and don't want to make a PCB complete board. So i use a tssop38 to DIP adapter. It doesn't add much in absolute numbers but it's a considerable cost since the uControler is cheap. In PCB service i got one for 3,68

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Aparently we have to wait for a new launchpad. The programmer is fixed, can't be upgraded:



But it aparently some people been able to do it. also acording to that post but TI won't give suport for msp430g2xx5 for later versions.

Still haven't tried. My adapters haven't still come

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Got Blink-Sketch running :biggrin:
G2955 on protoboard + F5529 Launchpad for programming + Energia 0101E0012


Used L.R.A.s files (from his Dropbox-Link, posted here earlier) + made modifications in memory.x according to G2955 datasheet.

Found FET: COM15
MSP430_Initialize: COM15
Firmware version is 30301004
MSP430_VCC: 3000 mV
Device: MSP430G2x55 (id = 0x006c)
2 breakpoints available
Chip ID data: 29 55
Writing  610 bytes at 2100...
Writing   32 bytes at ffe0...
Done, 642 bytes total

Now further testing is needed ... but I will wait until I have my G2955-PCBs from Oshpark.

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That's realy good :D


If you need any help just ask, i don't realy can physicaly test anytigh (where the hell did i put the uControlers) but i could try to help with more info with any Energia fuction that fails.


I mostly just use the weaker MSP430 and Tivas now  :rolleyes:

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Got my G2955 boards yesterday and soldered the TSSOP-Version today.

First test with Energia showed, that simple sketches (like blinking or software serial) run without problems.

But at the moment I have a lot of difficulties to get the peripherals like HardwareSerial or I2C running.


I took the files of L.R.A. (as posted earlier) and modified them according to the data sheet (as far as I could). memory.x and periph.x should (hopefully) be correct, I took the values from the docs.

Had to correct some "pins" in pins_energia.h ... but I couldn't get HardwareSerial running on Pins 25/26 (SoftwareSerial on these pins works) ...


So now some questions for those who are more familiar with Energia development:


Is it possible to use "msp430" as build.core or do I have to create a new one? (like "lpmsp430g2955.build.core=msp430" in boards.txt)


Or the other way around: To which extend do I have to change hardware-related files (like in hardware/msp430/cores/msp430)?


So to sum up here is a short list according to @@Rei Vilo 's post:

  • add board definition for the MSP430G2955 in hardware/msp430/boards.txt -> ok ... question: build.core=msp430 ???
  • add pins definition for the MSP430G2955 in hardware/msp430/variants/launchpad/pins_energia.h -> adapted Pins 25+26 for TX/RX, but no success
  • create a new file msp430g2955.h out of hardware/tools/msp430/msp430/include/msp430g2553.h -> do I have to modify this file or just copy?
  • create a new file msp430g2955/memory.x out of hardware/tools/msp430/msp430/lib/ldscripts/msp430g2553/memory.x -> should be ok now
  • create a new file msp430g2955/periph.x out of hardware/tools/msp430/msp430/lib/ldscripts/msp430g2553/periph.x -> should be ok now
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