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Memory issue with G2553

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Hi people!


Basically I'm writing a function to control a 16x16 RGB LED matrix with serial communication.


The function I'm writing requires an array of size 16x16 ( hueBuffer[16][16] ) and of type 'short' since the max value of hue is 359.


However, I keep getting an error: "program will not fit into available memory.  run placement with alignment fails for section "DATA_GROUP" size 0x23d" but there is plenty of memory on the G2553.


I need the values of hue to go up to 360 so i cant use unsigned chars.


Anyone know of a solution to this problem?

I'll post the code if you want.



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Thanks for the suggestions guys, but I solved it. I'm just gonna use unsigned chars with 180 being the max value, then (180*2)-1.

The Hue values arent as accurate but it does the job.


Thanks again!

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