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Maker Faire NC 2013

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JW hard at work... and we did a lot of talking. I lost my voice half way through. Many people were really interested in LP. Too bad I didn't have any fliers, especially ones that said "this is not

This was my first MF and it was a lot of fun. I will definately do that again and I am now considering attending MF Norfolk and possibly next year's SF event.   Lessons learned: 1. Plan early. I w

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Man that stuff is expensive :) Will have to get a roll I guess.

I just had to look it up again, you're not kidding. It's been years since I had to buy it and I had a really cheap friend who kept asking me for cut strips for various things...... now I know why LOL


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I think I will stick to the tape ( :).)

3M DL would run me $15-$25, where 3M Tape $1-$2.

I don't think we will have to detach LPs that often anyway, and even if we do, we can use narrow strips or simply use new one if the old one gets damaged. I have used tape on my current display and it works great.

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This was my first MF and it was a lot of fun.

I will definately do that again and I am now considering attending MF Norfolk and possibly next year's SF event.


Lessons learned:

1. Plan early. I wasn't sure if my application will be accepted or not, so I did not prepare as I wanted to.

2. Lights, lights, and more lights. People respond to lights, especially blinking ones. I really have to finish my POV RGB globe and make sure all of my LED BPs are powered

3. Moving objects. People like to see things move. Although I did have couple of servos, they did not grab people's attention. For next event, I will get more servos and assembe a small bot. It will really show off what my servo controller can do.

4. Too many things, too little information. I will cut down on the number of display items, group them by function, space them, and add labels with short explanation. Many visitors, especially those that don't know much about electronics, were affraid to ask questions or didn't know what to ask.

5. Better LaunchPad display. Next time, I will display my LPs with printed specification list (including the price.) The most common response to $10 price tag was "wow!" Think about all those people that didn't ask any questions. I hope next time, we can have wow-o-palooza.

6. Need to rally more troops. We were outnumbered by groups like Hackerspace Charlotte.

7. More printed materials. I ran out of my 100 home made business cards fairly quickly and I didn't bring any printed information about LPs or my BPs. Big mistakes.

8. Create a web page with all important links (and update my blog, it's been a year since the last entry.) I had several URLs listed, so people had to scan QR codes multiple times.

9. Small giveaway kits. It cost money, but kids love to collect things. big kids too.

10. Bring few LPs to give away, for example one every hour raffle style, @@cubeberg's idea.

11. Hands-on things. I am thinking a big wall mounted RGB matrix and 2 joysticks (one for hue and one for xy axis control) with gradient painter software or a simple game of pong.

12. Power supply. I have to make one supply to power them all, multiple 5V, 12V, and USB outputs with standard connectors. This way I can avoid custom wiring, wire messes, shorts, blow-ups, demo code overwrites, etc.

13. Bring ear plugs. I hope this was the only time I was located next to guitar maker.

14. Display case. @@cubeberg's suggestion to create a portable display that could be shipped around. We could mount 43oh's most popular BPs and send them around the country.

15. Video Presentation, a nice way to demonstrate LP's (Tiva or Stellaris) capabilities. Playing demo video on LCD BP. @@JWoodrell's idea.

I never saw this post.


I can ask Larissa to send me more 1.4 PCBs. At least you can just give that away for people to practice soldering or a breadboard.

I also can offer a little cash for these sort of things... like  $150- $200 from advertising to support things like lunches/printing/cables/kits.


Also @@RobG.. how much did you have to pay for your booth.. you can PM me.

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Hi All.  I just started playing with various gizmos a few months ago and saw the Maker Faire advertised right here in River City (Raleigh)!  It was sweeet!  Never been to one before and both I AND my wife had a great time. I took so many pix my battery died. There's more on my wife's phone yet to be extracted. I'd love to post a few, but not sure how.

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