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ePaper Hour Meter

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Special thanks to the authors of the following projects - ePaper Calendar and bilder.org !


I picked up the ePaper display and the associated header from the good folks at SparkFun!


I needed to build an hour meter for a 240v heater in the shop. I could have used a COTS power adapter and a mechanical hour meter, but I couldn't pass up the chance to use ePaper.


The meter tracks total time since last reset (via a jumper) and the current/last amount of time the unit ran. I used an ePaper display so the display would be readable even when the unit was powered down.

The code is very run of the mill stuff sans the small bit of code to rotate run time between 3 chunks of info memory with a small error correction routine. This not only protects from a bad write (say during a power cycle) but also effectively triples the endurance of the flash. Look in the flash.c and flash.h files.
The code is fairly clean, but not terribly optimized. It weighs in at ~2016 bytes so it just about maxes out the g2211 I used.
There is a video I took just before final assembly



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