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I am having RTC DS1307


I have used Energia IDE for programming.The code is working fine.I am facing one difficulties.


As soon as i remove sda and scl pin from microcontroller it stop reading  vlaues


I tried same code in arduino . when i disconnect it reads default values as 0.0.0(hour.min.sec)



how to check RTC working or not for MSP430G2 .

is there any way to check RTC reading the values or not














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If I understand correctly then reading from the DS1307 is working fine and it prints the time. But as soon as you remove the SDA/SCL lines the code hangs and stops printing the time? Is that correct?


Can you post the Sketch you used?


I vaguely remember that if you try to read from I2C when there is not device present on the bus the I2C bus can indeed hang altogether.


I'll give it a try..

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The USCI block gets into a funny state when SDA/SCL are floating (i.e nothing connected). The User Manual is pretty explicit about pullups on the I2C lines: "Both SDA and SCL are bidirectional, and must be connected to a positive supply voltage using a pullup resistor".


In your case, I would not worry about nothing being printed when you remove the device from the I2C bus. If you really want to have it execute normally then you can add a 10k pullup to the SDA and SCL lines.


Be careful with the 5v (TTL) since the MSP430 is a 3.3v (CMOS) device.

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