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Hello from Raleigh, North Carolina

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Greeting!  I am a Geographer by trade with a background in remote sensing. I originally discovered electronics and microcontrollers when trying to find an economical way to automatically control the temperature of my BBQ smoker.  I stumbled upon the Arduino based "Linkmeter" PID Smoker controller project (Google it), built a couple of those, and fell in love with the idea of designing and building my own electronics.  It has been a long and slow learning process but forums like this have really made all the difference.  I am hoping I can combine all of the knowledge I have collected over the past couple years to build a solar powered wireless garden monitoring and watering control system based on the MSP430G2553 and Raspberry Pi.  Perhaps another post of that soon...    


I stumbled upon the MSP430 line of microcontrollers about three months ago and I am in love.  I stalled out on the Arduino platform because I kept running into coding issues that I had difficulty troubleshooting.  I like the Launchpad platform much better than the Arduino because of the debugging capabilities of CCS.  I am learning about 10 times faster with the debugger.  Thanks for all the help in advance!   

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