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Another 430 Watch

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You're right about price.  I don't really mind, though, as I don't plan to mass produce or anything.

I think the piezo would require a lot more design considerations.  It would also be larger.

With the accelerometer, all the fine tuning can be done in software.

Fair enough.  The lowest power MEMS accelerometer I've seen is from Analog Devices.  I forget the part number, but if you go onto the analog.com website, you can search and find the one with the lowest current.  It has an automated low-duty mode that will drain 1.8 uA, IIRC.  To get lower than that, you need to rig-up a piezo.  Considering that MSP430 has comparator, timer, and ADC in the peripherals, the piezo solution would be largely software-bound as well.

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i have managed to write some code into OLED display but now i am looking for a piece of code to write the timer on the OLED just like a clock timer you have on this project.

could you please share your code with me ?

is it CCS code ?





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