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[Group Buy-12][C]WizFi210 Serial to Wifi Module

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Second groupbuy for the wifi modules.


Anybody interested in a group buy for this module? A breakout for the board can be found here.

Wiznet sells the module for $24. 10 modules go for $21.5




GB handling rate is $1.0

US Shipping is $2.0.

International Shipping is $5.0



For 10 modules.

Total : 215.60

Fedex shipping: $13.81

Total after shipping :  $229.41


3% foreign transaction -  $229.41*0.03 = $6.88


Price/module without home shipping to members = (215.60+13.81+ 6.88)/10= 236.29/10 = 23.629


Please Pay to gerry(dot)box@gmail.com
Put your address in the note, and make sure you select gift or pay the paypal fee.
Domestic-1Module:   23.629+1.0+2.0 = 26.629
Domestic-2Modules: (23.629*2)+1.0+2.0 = 50.258
International: 23.629+1.0+5.50 =30.129




You may order a max of two modules.

Add your name to the list:



1. Bluehash--------------1--------------------US--[43oh]-----------------------[PAID?][PCB PAID?]
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