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Security System 3 & Reflow Oven 3

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Howdy all,


School wanted acouple IR reflow ovens so I figured heck, why not make a new control board? In addition, I want to make my new security system V3 so why not combine the 2 into 1 small compact board? (besides the inevitable routing nightmare). Any review of the schematic would be appreciated. I figured i'd make 1 last project with an MSP430 but i'm tempted to put an ARM on there cause I need more GPIO and I will probably need more RAM. Many thanks to RobG for his awesome development of the 2.2" lcd display.


My new Security System V3 will use an ultrasound sensor, a infrared sensor, and a magnetic door sensor. No one is getting through my door without me knowing it XD. Will use an NRF chip to send a watch dog signal to my omega alarm box I have yet to build. Will also have a separate NRF key that will deactivate the system automatically if i'm around.


Click for full size, all values are by majority simply representational


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