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currently am using MSP430G2553 it have Two 16-Bit Timer_A With Three

Capture/Compare Registers, but i need minimum four 16-Bit Timers means i need 12 Capture/Compare Registers                (IN MSP430 only),

so which chip is suitable for this please give me some suggestion.

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Why do you need 4 16-bit timers?

Most of the time there is either a phase shift between your timer outputs (like stepper motor driving) or a largest common divider of your four frequencies that can drive a state machine for software output.


Say you have one frequency needed of 5 Hz and another of 4 Hz, your common divider is 1Hz. So you set up a timer for 1Hz interval and keep two counters. If the first counter is 5, you execute a certain piece of code, of the second counter is 4 you execute another piece of code.

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Don't know how it's called in english but ike is right about the frequency, you need to run faster than 5 and 4 times a second, you can't have a once a second task do a 5 times a second task withoug missing.

So a 20Hz timer seems right to do 5Hz and 4Hz tasks.

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