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What do you think of this scope / price ?

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Well, it is a similar price to a new Chinese Rigol.  I don't really trust the Rigol, but I also don't trust a used product from eBay.  I cannot read German, but if the seller is a company that deals in used test equipment, I would feel better.


This is similar to the scope I used during first and second year of university.  It is perfectly fine for basic signal analysis, but the newer digital scopes are much easier to use.  Really, the difference is memory.  I remember spending a lot of time trying to configure triggers on these old scopes.  I just got a Tek DPO, which is more expensive, but engineering is my job.  The extra $1000 (or 

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i think the scope to get at this time might be the rigol ds1102e, the ds1052e would be better if you could find an older model which can be hacked to 100mhz. plenty of reviews on youtube. 

and there are some popular owan products too. 


personally cant really justify a scope at this price as i can use a multimeter for my current projects. if they come down 100$ then perhaps. 

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