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[Energia Library] nec_ir optimized library for recive ir code nec type

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This is an optimized library based on Energia IR library.


This library uses a Capture Register for run in interrupt without memory store.

The timer is configurable as the pin (only with hardware connection at timer).


The example included is configured for msp430G2553.

The example reads the number from ir transmitter one or more key and when you press EQ key it make led blinking.


Tested on LaunchPad using pin 11 for input and LED1 for led. It transmit on serial key values and read number.

 in the soon feature test on msp430f2013.


The library uses 18 Bytes of ram.

The interface is in object mode, there are c and h files for low level usage.

The code is less than 650-800 Bytes.

This library is intended for use in low memory and low power situations. You can turn off cpu and it consume nothing.

It need only the clock at the Timer.

In the h*. files you can config timer channel divider because all configuration are made by preprocs.


File: http://www.p3r.info/gpl/energia/nec_ir_0_0_1.tar.bz



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