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capacitive touch in g2231

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Hi, i was trying to use the capacitive library with the g2231 but i cant get it to work, did someone has tryed to do it? i found a blog in the internet where they cand do it with ccs so its possible to do it but someone knows if it can be done with energia?

It seems that you are trying to use both CapTouch and Serial (UART) at the same time. The 2231 only has one timer, TA0. Both the CapTouch library use TA0 hence you can not use them both at the same time.

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You must alternate them, the cap touch LAB stresses that any signal (especially serial lines) should be kept quiet as much as possible during touch sampling. In other words: first sample your buttons and then write a byte over UART, maybe allow for receiving bytes for a small while, then go back to a quick sampling of the touch.

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