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[Group Buy-13]MSP430 Reflow Oven Controler

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yeah thats it  oven is for any oven that has top and bottom elements and a convection fan i grabbed mine at walmart for 50-60 bux


single element ovens will not work well  as temp control will not be good enough and it also cannot heat up fast enough for the reflow profiles especially for lead free solders

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Boards have been ordered today as promised   Amount:$60.90 USD for 10 boards plus  $13.34 USD Shipping and handling

SO 7.45 per board plus shipping. i have kitted up all the resistors and caps and the one led along with a 20 pin machine socket for the 430 ( for free )

also in the package i will include a BOM and a 11x17 schematic page.

spirils           -1
jpnorair        -2
vicvelcro      -2
JonnyBoats -2
geekdoc      -2
please you guys send me your mailing address so i can address the envelopes and weigh them to see how much postage is
I suspect they will be made tomorrow and if all goes well shipped saturday or monday. I payed for airmail shipping so maybe 10 days from when they get mailed
from china till i get them in the envelopes and send them all to you. I will let you know how much postage is so you can send money
thanks for your patience.
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from the pcb manufacturing place


Dear Customer,

Thank you for your patient waiting, your PCBs has been manufactured, we have send it to the local logistics center. For DHL it may cost about 3-5 days, for Airmail it may cost about 15-25 days. Later We will send the tracking information to you, the attachments are the pictures of your products. Thank you!

Best Regards


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Ok everyone interested.


Boards are here( at the post office ). If you wish to have one, submit your mailing address to wulfman via email, if you have not done so already. I do not know who all has done so already, since I don't have access to wulfman's email. We will not be able to put hands on them until Monday, since the post office is closed on the weekend.


Just a friendly heads up . . .

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