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Audio Spectrum Analyzer - Part Deux

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This is a continuation of this project.


While playing around with my WS2811 strips, I figured that it would be nice to have a board like this one.


Could be used with one or two EQ chips and as a stand-alone board.


The question is: with booster pack support or without?



With the price hike... standalone would be good... but you need an LP to program it, so I vote for BP.

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funny i was doing something similar. in a very non-professional way. i used fritzing to do the layout (i am too lazy to learn eagle) and used code derived from your example.


my design is all-in-one 2x2 inch board that houses everything, 12 x 7 leds, a 20pin msp430g, the msqeq7 and related components.





i tweat the firmware to my taste (do some logarithm adjustment to inputs, make timing on sampling rate and led bar retreating). now i look at it all the time and find music to play on it so i can watch.


may be will do a video later today to show how it looks.


btw thanks for the code Rob.

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here is a video of my spectrum analyzer setup


i had a pringles active speaker and i draw power (w/ a LDO) from it for the spectrum analyzer. i used another cell-phone to take the video, sound is not that good and somehow after youtube "processing", the video appears to be "slower" (i.e. the led jumping not appear to be as response as it was).




youtube told me that i may have infringed sony on the theme song so there is a chance they will take down the video.


the pringles amp is not bad, w/ a ti lm4871 audio chip, thd level beats the tda2822m i was using (the old days lm380/6 were even worse). just that the speaker is too cheap.



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