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New (soon to be) valueline chip. MSP430G2955 56kb Flash 4kb Ram!

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similar to that generic adapter, i whipped up an adapter to be able to take a G2955 and plug it into a valueline layout DIP20 setup, so it can be a drop in replacement for existing dip20 projects.  I extended it out into more of a DIP38 package, but you don't have to put headers on the extended layout and use them only as breakout pins on the board.


I am sending them off to elecrow in blue boards.


I am posting the gerber, and board / schematic files in their own thread for discussion

Wait, unless you can make those headers flush with the board, won't that screw with the tssop chip? The slightest bulge underneath them will make it hard to solder, let alone a header pin or five. Now, if you had smd headers on the bottom.

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Just noticed this on the TI valueline list. http://www.ti.com/product/msp430g2955 Not many details, even though it's marked Active and not preview. No Datasheet, no summary. Just the specs.   Key F

So they are releasing PDIP-40 versions then.  The TI news article mentions the MSP430 LaunchPad Expansion board, available in May -- https://www.olimex.com/Products/MSP430/Booster/MSP430-G2744BP/?DCMP

It was showing up in the parametric search. What's more, PS lists 44 parts, but the product tree has 45 parts.   BTW, remember this?

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Actually @@JWoodrell what if you made a square board? Map the 20 normal pins in wide dip, and then have the other 18 in a different format? Use two jumpers for AVCC and AVSS (So jumper on ties them to DVCC and DVSS, while off means you can use a separate power source for analog), and have port 3 and port 4 on opposite ends, using female headers. Makes it easier to use on a breadboard, because a DIP 38 takes up almost an entire mini/medium breadboard as is.

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that is doable, the concept behind this was to be able to plug a g2955 into a valueline dip-20 socket so its a drop in replacement with more capability.  you could rearange the extended pins in whatever format you wanted to, i threw them on the end because there was talk of wanting TI to make it in a thin DIP40 package, so that is what I emulated here.

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