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New (soon to be) valueline chip. MSP430G2955 56kb Flash 4kb Ram!

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Just noticed this on the TI valueline list. http://www.ti.com/product/msp430g2955 Not many details, even though it's marked Active and not preview. No Datasheet, no summary. Just the specs.   Key F

So they are releasing PDIP-40 versions then.  The TI news article mentions the MSP430 LaunchPad Expansion board, available in May -- https://www.olimex.com/Products/MSP430/Booster/MSP430-G2744BP/?DCMP

It was showing up in the parametric search. What's more, PS lists 44 parts, but the product tree has 45 parts.   BTW, remember this?

Posted Images

All the information that's publicly released can be found from the release described at http://forum.43oh.com/topic/3559-information-on-upcoming-msp430-devices/


No I don't have any more information than that, yes I was told it was ok to release it, no I don't work for TI, and no I have no idea when any of these might become available.

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well for those who act fast, digikey has 1 of these boards in stock that come with the 2955, and mouser has 2.  (digikey HAD 2... hehe)  so I should have a 2955 in my hot little hand just as soon as USPS can get it here


they're 90 and 100 bucks respectively... but hey, whats a cnote between friends.

They have those on the website too, but they don't come with the chip?


Actually, wow, two of each 2274, 2744, and 2955:

What's Included

Development board with 38-pin DA (TSSOP) ZIF socket

READ ME FIRST document


MSP430F2274IDA38R flash devices (2)

MSP430G2744IDA38R flash devices (2)

MSP430G2955IDA38R flash devices (2)

Microcrystal MS1V-T1K 32.768kHz crystal, C(Load) = 12.5pF

Four PCB 1x19-pin headers (two male and two female)

JTAG Header cable

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i recently added pin maping for msp430g2553 28pin to my energia compiler.


since this one is new and has more timers and stuff it's probaly not that easy has changing pin maping to use with energia right?


I don't know how energia files are organized. Then can someone help me adding the registers for analog pins and the new timer?

I want to change the microcontrolers of the robotics club i'm in to msp430. This new ones are excelent but altough i'm able to use code composer, the club is for beginers and it's beter for them to start in C++ istead of assembly. Energia is the best choise for msp430.

So i need to make msp430g2553 28pin and the new msp430g2955 compatible with energia.


btw i find interesting only having to change the pin mapping to use msp430g2553 28pin. Don't i have to add a register to other file? for the port 3.x? there aren't any in 20pdip

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MSP430G2755 would be a Atmega328 ender especially if they end up making it in a DIP package.




Interesting....seems like they're gunning for the Arduino chips indeed :-)

But this also means they have to increase the flash limits of the free version of CCS right?  Does anyone know the code efficiency (flash size) taken of MSP430 vs. AtMega328 code?

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