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New (soon to be) valueline chip. MSP430G2955 56kb Flash 4kb Ram!

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Just noticed this on the TI valueline list. http://www.ti.com/product/msp430g2955 Not many details, even though it's marked Active and not preview. No Datasheet, no summary. Just the specs.   Key F

So they are releasing PDIP-40 versions then.  The TI news article mentions the MSP430 LaunchPad Expansion board, available in May -- https://www.olimex.com/Products/MSP430/Booster/MSP430-G2744BP/?DCMP

It was showing up in the parametric search. What's more, PS lists 44 parts, but the product tree has 45 parts.   BTW, remember this?

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Yea, I found it in the parametric search, which had 47 chips at the time, while looking for the tssop sized chips. The g2955 was at the very end. Funny, the f2xxx list has some of the first valueline g2xxx chips listed on it.

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I discovered last night that they are now listing a G2755 & G2855. No stock available yet and will only be available in 38 pin TSSOP or 40 pin VQFN - a shame they aren't listed in 40 pin DIP, as the specs look pretty darned good. Both have 4kB of RAM, 3 Timers, USCI A & B, & 12 x 10bit ADC. The 2755 has 32kB Flash, the 2855 has 48kB. With pricing on the TI site of $1.20 & $1.24 respectively, I'd expect single chips will probably be well under $5 from places like Mouser & Farnell. 


These specs make them compare favourably with early 8bit PC's like the VIC-20 & Apple II. That's a lot of potential in a sub $5 package. Hopefully someone will start selling a 2855 on an 40 pin DIP adaptor board.

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Although the pages/references to the 2955 have disappeared, there are several 2755/2855 pages:






and even some errata sheets:









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Added screenshots.
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Because someone might have put up the page for proper formattting, but it's not supposed to be there and would get pulled again? Screenshot of the x755 and x855 just for prosperity.




And the g2955 is obviously part of this series, just ups the ram I believe. Without a datasheet and pinout, it's hard to tell if there is any other difference.


Now the g2x44 series, that there's no info on yet either. Speculating, ram boost, dip packaging, and both usci and usi modules? One can only hope.

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