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New (soon to be) valueline chip. MSP430G2955 56kb Flash 4kb Ram!

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Just noticed this on the TI valueline list. http://www.ti.com/product/msp430g2955

Not many details, even though it's marked Active and not preview. No Datasheet, no summary. Just the specs.


Key Features:

  • 56kb Flash. 4 times the current limit.
  • 4kb KILObyte Sram. 4096. That's EIGHT times the current valueline limit.
  • 3 Timers (1 extra)
  • USI AND USCI_A/B (Normally it's either/or)
  • 8 Comparators. Not sure if this is 8 inputs to 1 Comparator, like normal, or 8 separate Comparators.
  • ADC with 12 Channel (4 more than normal)
  • $1.24 at 1000 units.
  • 38 pin TSSOP

It's basically blows the low level f51xx chips out of the starting gate. Cheaper, more ram and flash, better adc, extra USI peripheral. Only thing it isn't better is the processor speed, still at 16mhz compared to the f5xxx 20/25mhz. Best of all, it's a (relatively) friendly tssop package, instead of a tight pitched leadless quad pack (or even leaded quad flatpack).


Every other f5xxxx chip outside of the f51xx that it beats is in a leadless or bga package. Guess TI did hear our pleas on low Flash and Ram limits.


Edit: Just checked, same applies to the f2xxx series. This G2955 will beat out any Tssop (or bigger) f2xxx chip on all counts.

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Whoa! How many pins? Is it a DIP? LP compatibility?

No Dip. 38 pin TSSOP. Also 40 pin Leadless Quad Pack, but that's for a braver man than I.

Assuming it goes with the same general form as the f51xx and f2xxx chips in the same 38 pin tssop, that's 29 to 32 gpio, possibly some 5v tolerant, with separate digital and analog voltage rail inputs (vcc and gnd).


As far as LP compatibility, depends on how much futureproofing the last firmware update had. Remember the 2011 v2.0 update, that fixed issues with some launchpads not programming MSP430G2xx2 chips correctly? It is a valueline chip, according to the g2xxx branding, so it should work, but who knows until the chips are released.

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Maybe it was an error? But what kind? Not a real product, or info added too soon? For one, it's not even part of the roadmap. Too good to be true?

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Next time screenshot, cde :smile:

Ha. I didn't even expect it to get removed. I shouldn't be allowed to go online without sleep.

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You guys sure they weren't prepping an April fool's joke that slipped a little early? It's almost too good to be true.

i don`t even know how ce found the page..perhaps just punched random 4 numbers after  G  :grin:. 

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