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Another newbie whose device is not recognized (Win7 x64)

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This is a fresh install of Windows 7 64 bit, actually. I've installed the MSP drivers, and when I plug in the LaunchPad with a 2231 in the socket, I can find a 'MSP-FET430UIF' in the Devices and Printers menu. Energia only lists COM1 when the board is unplugged, but lists COM1 and COM3 when it is plugged in. I select COM3, upload one of the example sketches, and get:


Binary sketch size: 547 bytes (of a 2,048 byte maximum)
tilib: MSP430_OpenDevice: Could not find device (or device not supported) (error = 4)
tilib: device initialization failed


This is with 0101E0009. Where should I go from here? I think my first step will be to install IAR (which I have used previously with success) to see if it's Energia or if I've really messed up the setup somehow.

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Running IAR and Energia at the same time? I don't have IAR but if I run CCS and Energia at the same time, and programmed the LP with CCS and then Energia, something similar to what you mentioned in Energia:



Binary sketch 
size: 1,523 bytes (of a 2,048 byte maximum)tilib: MSP430_Initialize: Could 
not find MSP-FET430UIF on specified COM port (error = 57)tilib: device 
initialization failed




By the way, COM port selection doesn't matter in Energia. The selection is only for the serial monitor, not for programming the device.

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