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Cult of LaunchPad?

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Howdy Y'All,


I'm just thinking out loud again so please be kind.


I'm wondering if this forum is only all about the LaunchPad.


I know it is the lowest common denominator in the msp430 line but I'm wondering if anyone out there is working with other msp's.


For example, I just ran out of code space with the G2231 so I *have* to go to a larger processor. The first dev kit I look to is the RF2500 b/c it has an F2274 processor on it.


If that one doesn't work then I'll pick up my F5438 dev kit.


So, should I worry about offending anyone here if I talk about anything other than the LaunchPad?

Or are we all in the Cult of the LaunchPad?



Just wunderin'

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There is a bunch of other msp430 project that are not in launch pad. One of the project of the month winner I think (the SLR trigger) with not launch bad based. there is the EZprobe that is very cool and not launch pad based.


Most of the project are MSP430 based though. but that is why we have a other micro controller section. I know blue bash has been thinking of expanding the forum to include other micro controller that are not mps430.


that being said I love seeing new projects and I love helping out where I can no matter what the plat form is or where its posted ;)

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No, this forum is not based on the Launchpad only.

As JMLB said, The main forums support all MSP430 chips, thats why the name four-three-oh.


Feel free to talk about other chips, I don't think anyone will throw a fit. As much members over here like the msp430, there is genuine interest in other chips as well. For now the "Other Microcontrollers" forum will act as a place for non MSP430 questions.

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We all seem to use a lot of resistors in our projects too, but that might just be because they're a few cents per piece... I'd expect everyone here to have one or two LP boards kicking around, so inevitably the projects are going to be based on them, but I will do nothing but encourage you to move OFF the launchpad to other platforms as quickly as you see fit. It's a $5 dev board; there isn't much there to get excited about.

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