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Have a port 2 question?

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I used the example code for the LCD - Hello World. I set up my LCD with the correct wires connected the the port 2 pins.


RS            // P2.0
EN            // P2.1
D7            // P2.5
D6            // P2.4
D5            // P2.3
D4            // P2.2


Everything works fine.


I now leave the LCD wired and create code in CCS 5.3 using the same pins and added this also. I attached the code.


#define     LCM_DIR               P2DIR
#define     LCM_OUT              P2OUT


Now the display is blank. I had my code and the LCD working in CCS using other pins on port 1. You will see them in the comments.


I need to move the LCD to port 2 since I am using Port 1 for SPI to read and write to an SD card which is not included in the code because I need to move the LCD to port 2 first.. There must be a way to make this work in CCS since it works in Energia. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Your code assumes your D4,,5,6,7 pins are on Px.4,5,6,7 in line 164 and 188 you use these lines

LCM_OUT |= (ByteToSend & 0xF0);

LCM_OUT |= ((ByteToSend & 0x0F) << 4);

which is only valid if you're writing to Px.4,5,6,7. Would you want to write to Px.2,3,4,5 the code wold change to

LCM_OUT |= (ByteToSend & 0xF0) >> 2;

LCM_OUT |= ((ByteToSend & 0x0F) << 2);

There may be other assumptions about the pin mapping, but these stood out for me. I didn't look for more errors.

In line 311 this assignment uses the same assumption:

LCM_OUT = 0x20;

That would become

LCM_OUT = 0x20 >> 2;


LCM_OUT = 0x08;

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