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Hi from Weimar, Germany

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My name is Tom. I am a renewable energy engineering student with a focus in PV, smart grid stuff and heat pumps.

I switched over to MSP430 from Arduino because of its ultra low power modes and lower price tag.
Have some more or less knowledge in electrotechnics, some electronics, technical optics and precision engineering as well as common metal machining from my former job.

The programming force is weak with me but more often than not I got my ideas done - not in good style but somehow.

So I am just here trying to get a bit better and learn some new things and build some stuff mostly for the fun of it.

Beside that I recently started looking for a Bachelor Thesis theme and it's possible that knowing some more mC skills could help to find one e.g. in the field of energy management or energy harvesting but I am not in a hurry.

Thanx for reading and I hope we could build some cool gadgets together.

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Guten tag, wilkommen auf diesem Forum.


I am able to get meself understood in German, but I don't write it that good ;)


Energy harvesting is a cool subject, I'm currently brainstorming about powering and connecting small nodes via fiber; have the node powered by the energy emitted in the light pulses also used for communication.

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Your German is quite good - you just missed an l in "willkommen" but I think the reason is that the very similar welcome is spelled with just one.

Your idea sound interesting - should not be impossible. A frequency modulated laser and some photodiodes/phototube or a small PV element comes to mind but using some daylight or IR should work to.
Maybe with an added phase-turning mechanismen?
Or maybe an IR and a UV emitter together - one for energy, the other for communication.
Efficiency would be low and damping of the fiber as function of their lenght - but doing it with just some mW on shorter distances should be possible.

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Energy efficiency will be low indeed, but if I need to install one SMPS instead of 6 throughout a room, that will more than make up for the inefficiency of the optical energy transport ;)


I'm Dutch, which you may know is very similar to German. Also, we were required to attend German (and French) classes in secondary school.

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