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Heart rate monitor using MSP430

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Halo SirPatrick,


ThankQ so much for the reply. Recently i have been studying alot about MSP430 but i dont understand how to implement this board for Heart Rate Monitor.

  • M gonna code MSP430 with the help of Code composer studio 5.3.0 software
  • I have no idea how should i get the ECG data to the MSP430   :-(  and I need to connect electrodes to myself to measurement of ECG but for instance m thinking of using ECG simulator or triangular waveform (by setting some threshold and measuring it).
  • m so sorry because i dont have any schematics or any diagrams but launchpad.MSP430 board  

I have attached the flow chat of my work, please let me know if my approach is correct or not



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You might want to checkout this kit made by Olimex:
It utilizes a MSP430FG439 and the included demo software should do everything you need, however it appears to be written in IAR KickStart.

Details: https://www.olimex.com/Products/Modules/Biofeedback/MOD-EKG/  They have a PulseOx meter, too: https://www.olimex.com/Products/Modules/Biofeedback/MOD-PULSE/
This is based on TI application note slaa280a.pdf. Might be worth a look, too.

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