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iPhone/iPod touch/iPad/Android bluetooth C++ compiler/debugger

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I was wondering, does anybody know of a good msp430 compiler like IAR for mobile devices?


If not, I have some ideas if anybody is up for making one.

Physically connecting to the phone is out of the question, so it would have to be bluetooth. An msp (preprogrammed) with a bluetooth transceiver may just be all that's needed to program another msp via spi-bi-wire, and possibly throw in an rx/tx port to transfer data back through the Bluetooth, just like the launchpad does with USB.


Just tossing ideas out.

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I've been thinking about pouring Energia to Android for a while.

Physical connection is doable by the way: the micro usb socket on your phone works both ways (called usb on-the-go), so hooking up and powering from you're phone is possible... in theory, there are probably diver issues.

Alternatively, use one of the existing command line apps and haul msp-gcc to it.

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With Android at least, some modern phones have an Ubuntu install (i.e. Motorola's WebTop stuff) and I'd imagine mspgcc could be cross-compiled to use its ARM environment.  Or even if not, I think you can link against the android O/S's native C library somehow.  Then a native Android app could be written that utilizes its tools via execution.  I bet the android device would need to be rooted to use this though.


Reminds me, there are Android apps for doing Android development..... yet another thing I have on my long stack of projects to spend time on in the future :D

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