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Is it just me or tonight TI doubled LaunchPad price?

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I'm a little afraid that I'll step into a big pile here, but I wanted to offer a couple of nuggets *please keep in mind that I usually only deal with University Partners, so I come from a slightly uni

You forgot one:   - TI's lack off an effort in truly contributing to MSPGCC and MSPDebug or its developers.  (By the way - I'd like to thank Peter Bigot, Daniel Beer, and everyone else who's worked

I'm going to use this price increase as an excuse to find something better. I've long put up with all the warts on the msp430 because of the price. At $4.30 I felt like it needed a hand from the commu

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The price changed from 4.30 to 5.00 to 9.99 then back to 4.30 and now is 5.00... all this in less than 48 hours.

Maybe they loaded a bingo module on their e-commerce software  8-)

Which means they may be figuring things out. Also, it is the weekend.. a bit difficult to get hold of people. I'd give them some time to sort this out.

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Not to be debbie downer but at 10bucks, there isn't much reason to get a launchpad. First male headers, now doubling the price on the launchpad? A STM32F0 discovery board has 4x the flash program space, 15x the RAM, 3x the core? CLK speed, 2x w/ 32bit instruction set and is now CHEAPER than the msp430 launchpad. The MSP430 launchpad has lost its only selling point which was its price. 32 bit ARM processors are far more powerful, have more open source support, and compete with the msp430 in their low power models. Why use TI msp430s at school or work now? *cries* why TI...why...?


There numerous other dev boards in the 10usd range as well that flat how destroy the msp430... another example is the Freescale Freedom board which is 12 bucks. For an extra 2 usd you get a Cortex M0+ w/ USB support...ect


Only thing that drew people to the launchpad was the price. Not the dev tools or the MCU itself and especially not the company TI as a whole. ..Edit: sorry rage moment... Always been a decent fan of TI until they pull things like this  :-(

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Still good deal I think ($4.30 BP + $5.70 Fedex shipping.)

Looking at it that way makes it seem legit for buying 1... But that doesn't account nicely for multiples.  The price got me into it and got me to hand them out.  At $4.30 it's less than a pack of smokes here and I could easily hand out 10 without blinking... but now, handing out 10 is $100? I won't be handing out free LP's anymore now...

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