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Is it just me or tonight TI doubled LaunchPad price?

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I'm confused, I ordered two boards last week for 4.30 $ each and this is still the advertised price on the official website  http://www.ti.com/ww/it/mcu/valueline/index.shtml?247SEM but if I click on the link "Order now for $ 4.30" the price on the store is 9.90 $.


Did they doubled the price last night or am I doing something wrong in my store cart?



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Had a conversation with LariSan on twitter (https://twitter.com/MCUniversiTI) and it's legit.  Partner competition - nobody wants to buy from Mouser/Digikey and pay shipping when it's free from the eStore.  I get that.  And they're keeping it at the same cost for Universities - I think that's pretty important.


Yes - cost was a HUGE selling point for me - I'm definitely buying a few boards while the price is back to $4.30 for a bit :)

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All the marketing literature screams $4.30. If they change the price they are going to really confuse people. https://estore.ti.com/MSP-EXP430G2-MSP430-LaunchPad-Value-Line-Development-kit-P2031.aspx The video on that page at 22 seconds says the price is $4.30, the youtube video title says "$4.30 MSP430 LaunchPad Kit for Value Line Devices". Seems like they would just confuse people if they changed the price. People would start wondering if there was an msp500 microcontroller if they changed the price to $5.00 : )




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