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interesting pcb maker (but maybe not worth it)

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I was piddling around the web today and came across these guys from a post on a message board.


they aren't a combining service (putting alot of orders on a panel), each order is its own run.  so they are more expensive than seed or elecrow, but they are still about half the price of OSH.


I am put off by the "setup charge" but that is a one time cost and you only pay the "per unit" price if you reorder.

I can't see me using them for anything but for orders more than just a few they are probably pretty good if you need the extra options they offer.  also their website isn't as well built or um friendly as the others.




the test "quotes" i did were for 10cm x 10cm board @ 10 pcs, ENIG finish


Elecrow - $3.29 / board


Real-PCB - $6 / board + one time setup $87 for the batch so the first order ends up at $14.7 / board


(@ 100 pcs they quoted 2.16 / board with the similar setup, but if you are ordering 100 PCBs i would think you would use a normal full volume PCB place.)


OSH-Park - 77.46 @ 3 boards - 25.67 / board.



On the plus side, they have half a ton of options on the board setup. standard solder mask colors, but also silkscreen colors.



They make you register to play with their "full" auto quoter,


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