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RS-485 -> RGB/Smart Pixel Booster Pack

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Rob - does the crystal just connect to the crystal pins on the LP?  I can't tell from the image if there's another IC on board.  I like the idea of adding that on a booster that needs the stability - you can switch out boosters without having to have a dedicated LP with crystal soldered on.

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Took a look at the Stellarlight....nice board!  However, it may be a little much for what I am trying to do. Also, I did check the store but didn't see it available.


I am trying to put together a DMX master for a very simple scene controller. There is a PC based controller currently in place but it is too cumbersome for the folks controlling the lights.  I envision perhaps 10 - 12 fixed scenes controlled by a 10 - 12 corresponding pushbuttons.  As simple and foolproof as possible.  Your boosterpack is perfect except that I would really like to isolate myself from the building DMX system.


No worries though.  If you don't plan to do a ISO version I will keep looking for a solution or try and put something together. 


Also, I do have to say that I am in awe of your ability to design/produce boards at the rate you do..... :thumbup:

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